Room 1 | Fusilier’s Arch

Erected in 1907, Fusilier’s Arch was built to honor the brave soldiers who fought in the Second Boer War from 1899-1902 and is just a short distance away from our Portobello location. If you’re passionate about history, then our Portobello location is the perfect place for you to spend your time in Dublin. Located just outside of the city, you will have easy access to all of Dublin’s rich history. Whether you are looking to take in the rich religious history, fine culinary culture, or anything else in Dublin, our Portobello location will offer you easy access to anything you like.

Room 10 | Thomas Burgh

Thomas de Burgh is one of the people responsible for the passion that we, and many others still hold, for the classic Georgian architecture of the city. The ‘Thomas Burgh’ room is ideal for anyone looking to stay in Dublin for more than just a couple of days. With a double bed, a workstation, a 43-inch smart TV, and a tea/coffee station, the room has everything you need to stay as long as it takes to enjoy everything that the city of Dublin has to offer.

Room 11 | Olivia Beatty

Looking for some beautiful views of the city? If so, our ‘Olivia Beatty’ room is exactly what you’re looking for. With a workstation, tea/coffee station, a double bed, and a 43 inch smart TV, the ‘Olivia Beatty’ is the ideal room for anyone looking to fully experience the city of Dublin. Our ‘Olivia Beatty’ is named after Olivia Beatty who occupied Number 29: Georgian House Museum. So, if you decide to stay in our ‘Olivia Beatty’ room, you pretty much have to take a trip over to Number 29: Georgian House Museum!

Room 12 | Christchurch

One of the best things about visiting Dublin is that there are seemingly endless things to do. Whether you’re looking to feed the history buff inside, experience the rich culinary culture of Ireland, or just explore and appreciate the culture of a new place, Dublin will be able to satisfy. Our ‘Christ Church’ room is the best room that we offer for anyone looking to stay for an extended period of time. With a king-sized bed, a workstation, a tea/coffee station, and just a large and comfortable space, the ‘Christ Church’ room is ideal for the person looking to travel in luxury.

Room 2 | The Chapel

‘The Chapel’ is named after the Chapel Royal in the Dublin Castle. Until the creation of the Irish Free State in 1922, The Chapel Royal was deemed the official church of Ireland under the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. With beautiful Victorian construction and traditional Georgian architecture, The Chapel Royal and the Dublin Castle are outstanding sights to see during your trip to Dublin. They allow you to truly appreciate the history and culture of the city and are experiences that you are sure to enjoy!

Room 3 | The Mansion House

As is standard with all of our rooms, ‘The Mansion House’ offers all of the modern amentities necessary for the most comfortable stay possible during your trip to Dublin. We make it a priority to ensure that you are able to complete any work that you need to complete, have ample room to store your belongings, and have a comfortable place to lay your head at night after a long day exploring the city.

Room 4 | Pepper Cannister

Staying in our Portobello location is ideal for anyone who wants to fully experience the city of Dublin. Portobello is a hot suburb right outside the city and offers endless things to do. At our Portobello location, you are just a short walk away from many shops and restaurants, as well as a short ride from the city. Don’t forget to take a walk over to The Blackbird during your stay to grab a drink and take in some great live music!

Room 5 | The Bridge

Stopping in Portobello during your trip through Ireland? Our ‘The Bridge’ room is our most fitting room we offer for a quick stay. With a single bed, a workstation, and a 43 inch smart TV ‘The Bridge’ is perfect to stay for just a day or two. Although ‘The Bridge’ is just a small space, we pride ourselves in providing the most comfortable places to stay around, and ‘The Bridge’ is no different. We include a wonderfully decorated and extremely comfortable room ideal for any traveler.

Room 9 | Aungier

Named after Francis Aungier, the 1st Baron Aungier of Longford, our Aungier room is perfect for someone looking for a quick stay in Portobello. The ‘Aungier’ sleeps one and is equipped with extremely comfortable bed linens. The room has a 43 inch smart TV, a workstation, a tea/coffee station, and much more. You can get your work done then get out to experience the wonders of the city, knowing that you have a comfortable place to lay your head at night.